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Paul Kiernan

Paul KiernanPaul works for Bubble Brothers, a Cork-based wine importer that sells to consumers, restaurants, shops, bars, airports, and ferries – anyone who’s up for buying wine, really! For two-and-a-half years he wrote a humble, independent wine blog called ‘Grapes of Sloth’; Jamie Goode linked to one of his posts once, and Gary Vaynerchuk read another – those were the high points!

Paul graduated from the WSET (Wines & Spirits Education Trust) Diploma in 2011. His favourite wine-related Russian proverb is, “Drink a glass of wine after your soup and you steal a ruble from your doctor.” So true!

Find Paul on Twitter @grapes_of_sloth and @bubblebrothers and online at www.pauljkiernan.wordpress.com and www.bubblebrothers.com.

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