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Simon Woolf

Simon WoolfSimon is a wine and food enthusiast living in London. He has been studying, analysing and enjoying wine for well over a decade, but only started to write about it at themorningclaret.com in January 2011. Simon always swayed towards classic old-world wines (Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Rhone, Barolo, Brunello etc) but the more he studies wine the more he’s found himself branching out and enjoying new experiences and unusual grape varieties.

Simon is a firm believer that many more people can be brought to an appreciation of fine wine – of course price can be a barrier in some regions, but the fear factor (of looking stupid, faced with too much choice, of not knowing what to say to the sommelier) is often the bigger problem. He hopes that wine writing like Tara’s and many of the other contributors to this book will help change that.

Find Simon on Twitter @simonjwoolf and online at www.themorningclaret.com.

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