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Tara O’Leary

Tara O'LearyTara is a wine expert, presenter, writer, sommelier and the voice behind winepassionista.com and the author of ‘Every Wine Tells a Story’.  She has judged at the prestigious International Wine Challenge (IWC) and is a WSET Certified Educator of Wine.

Tara’s greatest passion is to inspire and encourage interesting and extensive wine experiences in the hopes that wine lovers everywhere will ceaselessly explore incredible wines from around the world.

Originally from London, Tara has lived in Naussau, Florida, New York, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara and resides once again in London.  But no matter where she is, you can be certain she’s enjoying a good glass of wine!

Find Tara on Twitter @tara_devon, on  facebook.com/winepassionista and online at www.winepassionista.com.

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