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Torsten Reimer

Torsten ReimerHistorian by training, manager of digital research by trade and wine blogger by night. Of those three activities, wine is the only one that runs in the family – he still remembers his dad coming home after the first day on his last job and casually saying he had wine once worth over €50.000 poured down the sink as it had been stored too long by his predecessor and could not be served anymore. Torsten was suitably impressed by that, but what really got him into wine is food – he loves cooking and eating, and wine just makes for a fantastic food companion, and it can be sociable too.

Born and raised in Germany he has long been exposed to German wine, but after moving to London a few years ago he decided to explore this area more systemically – to bring a bit of his German home into the new English one, and share it with new friends. Since this fateful decision Torsten has become the Wine Rambler, together with his German based co-Rambler Julian, one of only a few wine blogs written in English and focused on German wine.

Find Torsten on Twitter @winerambler and online at www.winerambler.net.

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