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Phil Spillman

Phil SpillmanPhil was raised by older cousins in the pub car park of a dusty wheatbelt town in Western Australia. Granny ran the pub.

A young mind was moulded by black robed nuns, and the run of a small town nourished an independent spirit.

Summers were hot and winters beautiful, cool and fresh with eucalyptus.

As a young man in Perth, later, Phil found that chilled Riesling felt like a cool change dancing through the eucalypts. Wine was fresh and savoury and complex like a delicious piece of fruit, and he decided to work with it.

Roseworthy and Adelaide were beautiful learning experiences, with generous teachers and bright classmates who would become lifelong friends.

Phil worked with Hardy’s in South Australia, then Villa Maria in New Zealand and now he’s with Deakin Estate in Victoria.

To keep the cool wind on his face, he is developing a small vineyard with family in the Grampians region of Victoria.

Connect with Phil online at www.deakinestate.com.au.